Chirombus, American Pale Ale

A tribute to Thornbridge’s Chiron with slightly altered hops composition. The original recipe calls for Cascade, but I’m substituting with Columbus, hence the name Chirombus



American-Style Pale Ale
  • Volume 25 l
  • OG 1.049
  • FG 1.009
  • IBU 72
  • ABV 5.25 %
  • 4 kg
    Pale Ale
    Germany Weyermann
    75.47 % GP 39
  • 0.5 kg
    Germany Weyermann
    9.43 % GP 4
  • 0.4 kg
    Wheat Malt
    7.55 % GP 3
  • 0.4 kg
    Barke Munich Malt
    Germany Weyermann
    7.55 % GP 3
  • 50 g
    Columbus | Boil 20min
    Pellet AA 15.3 % IBU 43
  • 20 g
    Amarillo | Boil 20min
    Pellet AA 8.6 % IBU 10
  • 10 g
    Chinook | Boil 20min
    Pellet AA 12.7 % IBU 7
  • 10 g
    Chinook | First Wort 60min
    Pellet AA 12.7 % IBU 12
  • 25 g
    Amarillo | Dry Hop 5d
    Pellet AA 8.6 % IBU 0
  • 25 g
    Columbus | Dry Hop 5d
    Pellet AA 14.9 % IBU 0
  • 25 g
    Chinook | Dry Hop 5d
    Pellet AA 12.7 % IBU 0
  • 1 pkg
    US-05 SafAle
    Fermentis / SafAle
    Attenuation 81.0 %


A fresh bag of Weyermann Pale Ale malt, the smell is fantastic
A mixture of Pale ale, wheat, carapils and Munich malts
Very nice crush. With this I usually end up having an expected 75% BH efficiency. This is with the no-sparge method.
Dough in process
The mash, ready for saccharification
Starchy/cloudy beginning of the mashing process
Mash temperature is close enough, I’m targeting a 1 hour mash rest at 66C
While the mash is ongoing, I measure out the hop portions
The dry hop portion gets vacuum sealed and stored in the freezer until needed
End of mashing process
The SG reading before and after boil
Cooling the wort
While wort is cooling the fermenter and other utensils are soaking in starsan
Re-hydrated Safale S-05 waiting to be pitched
The OG reading from the hydrometer is a bit off compared to the refractometer ones, most likely due to the temperature
With my Spanish tap water I managed to get the temp down to only 22C, after that I let the SS fermenter knock it down to 17C, that’s when I pitched the yeast
After pitching the re-hydrated yeast I Oxygenate the beer with pure O2
I dryhop right in the fermenter, I find it easier and eventually most of the hop matter drops to the bottom, the rest will be catched in the bouncer filter
Final gravity around 1.007, SafAle US-05 did a good job here
Pre-conditioning – yeasty but full of lovely hop character


Tasting notes:


Lovely golden/straw color. Very clear and moderately high carbonation.


Tropical notes, slight pineapple, citrus, minimal sweetness.


A classic Columbus character. Somewhat spicy, piney A touch of citrus. Very light ester notes.


Very dry with a lingering bitterness, but still surprisingly pleasant.


A dry and flavorful beer with strong Columbus hop character. Clear and pleasant. At over 70 IBU it does pack a noticeable kick of bitterness. Despite of this seeming imbalance (of bitterness) it’s surprisingly easy to drink and you find yourself filling up the glass again and again.

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