Galaxy Pale Ale

Galaxy hops are one of the more popular ones with home brewers and apparently it’s the most popular hop to come from Australia. It’s flavor is strong tropical fruit and citrus. I always associate Galaxy with a strong peach flavor.

With its high hop oil concentration, it works well as a dual-purpose hop, whether as a bittering or flavor/aroma addition to the beer.

This recipe is a single-hop APA using Pilsner and Vienna malts, and a touch of Munich for added color. It produces a nice sweetness balanced and not an overpowering backbone for the bold hop character. It intentionally doesn’t use any dry-hop additions as prefer a more balanced hop flavor without grassy notes. The yeast choice is WLP013, as this ferments it to a nice round body with noticeable esters but nothing crazy.


Galaxy pale ale

American-Style Pale Ale
  • Volume 25 l
  • OG 1.05
  • FG 1.015
  • IBU 35
  • ABV 4.59 %
  • 2.5 kg
    Barke Pilsner Malt
    Germany Weyermann
    45.21 % GP 23
  • 2.5 kg
    Netherlands The Swaen
    45.21 % GP 23
  • 0.53 kg
    Barke Munich Malt
    Germany Weyermann
    9.58 % GP 4
  • 15 g
    Galaxy | First Wort 60min
    Pellet AA 13 % IBU 18
  • 25 g
    Galaxy | Boil 10min
    Pellet AA 13 % IBU 11
  • 25 g
    Galaxy | Boil 5min
    Pellet AA 13 % IBU 6
  • 15 g
    Galaxy | Whirlpool 20min
    Pellet AA 13 % IBU 0
  • 1 pkg
    WLP013 London Ale Yeast
    White Labs
    Attenuation 71.0 %


Gathering malt bags for today’s session
I start by measuring out 2.5kg of Pilsner and Vienna malts. Add a bit of Munich for color. I prefer adding Munich in place of crystal for color, the taste contribution is more pleasant IMHO
Another manual cranking session ahead
Sweat and burned calories turn into wonderfully milled malt
This will work just fine in the malt pipe
Doughing in crushed malt, making sure everything is mixed well. When the malt is crushed properly it will flow nice and clear
Adding to the mash 1/2 tsp of CaCl2 and another 1/2 tsp of CaSO4
1/2 tsp Phosphoric acid to the 32L RO water
Mash temperature is set to 66C, the initial strike temperature ended up a little too high
Mashout wort clarity
Galaxy hops 2019 harvest, the aroma is fantastic
100g of Galaxy hops measured out before boil
In the last 10 min I throw in one of these Protafloc tablets to improve hot break formation
Boil end. I added the 0 minute hops addition before cooling it down to 80C and adding the whirlpool addition for a 20 min steep
Measured OG as planned @ 1.050
I collected wort for a mini yeast starter, I’ll be propagating it throughout the week for another beer next Sunday
Sanitising all the things
Transferred wort looking pretty clear
For this beer, I’m harvesting WLP023 yeast from the other fermented that has been fermenting now for a week
Looks about right
This is when I add oxygen to the fermenter after pitching yeast
After two weeks in primary, I’m transferring the beer to a keg for conditioning
Closed transfer, using CO2 to push beer through
The beer pre-conditioning stage. Fruity, citrus, peach, passion fruit and mango. A promising taste and aroma.


Tasting notes:


Medium amber with a little haze. Moderate creamy head that lasts a while


Tropical fruit, peach and subtle breadiness from the malt


Mild bitterness up front, followed by citrus and tropical notes. Slight malt character and noticeable esters


Medium body with moderate carbonation, finishes with a citrus bitterness


A nice single hop beer. Balanced on the palate and does a good job showcasing Galaxy, but without grassy hop character. For a bigger hop punch, one could add some dry hopping

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