Enigma Pale Ale Recipe

Enigma is a high alpha Australian hop, said to impart characteristics of raspberries, white grapes (pinot gris), red currant and light tropical fruits. There are already lots of commercial examples of Enigma pale ales, this one is a balanced APA with moderate hop amount just to showcase what Enigma can bring to the palette.


Enigma Pale Ale

American-Style Pale Ale
  • Volume 25 l
  • OG 1.051
  • FG 1.015
  • IBU 31
  • ABV 4.73 %
  • 2.5 kg
    Golden Promise
    United Kingdom
    45.45 % GP 23
  • 0.5 kg
    Germany Weyermann
    9.09 % GP 4
  • 2.5 kg
    Pale Ale
    Germany Weyermann
    45.45 % GP 24
  • 5 g
    Enigma | First Wort 60min
    Pellet AA 16.9 % IBU 8
  • 20 g
    Enigma | Boil 15min
    Pellet AA 16.9 % IBU 15
  • 25 g
    Enigma | Boil 5min
    Pellet AA 16.9 % IBU 8
  • 1 pkg
    WLP013 London Ale Yeast
    White Labs
    Attenuation 71.0 %


Weighting out half golden promise and half pale ale malt. With a splash of Carapils. Grain bill around 5.5kg
Grain crush is optimised for my 20l Braumeister, 1.4mm
Mashing temperature on the higher side at 68C. Holding for 1 hour followed by 15 mashout at 75C
While mashing is in process, the hops are getting measured out. It’s a single hop beer and Engima is added at all stages
End of mashing process
The malt pipe is left to drain while the hot liquor is heated up for boiling
Pre boil and post boils SG
Wort cooling process
While wort is cooling, the SS Chronical fermenter is getting a sanitiser bath
the OG as measured with a hydrometer
For this batch I’m using fresh yeast harvested from the other beer that’s currently fermenting
Yeast pitch temperature. After pitching temperature is set to 18C and it’s left to do its thing. Three days before end of primary fermentation I’ve added 50g of Enigma dry hop
The FG after 2 weeks of primary fermentation
At this point there’s a lot of yeast in suspension, I’ve noticed that this is very normal with ALP013, after some time in the keg it will settle out
After transferring to the keg, I move it to the fridge for lagering


Tasting notes:


Golden-amber. Quite clear with a light haze. Moderate carbonation.


Tropical, light hints of raspberry and some white wine.


Tropical, citrus and stone fruit.


Medium-bodied with a mild bitterness.


I did expect a lot more of that raspberry flavour in this hop, but you really need to search for it. Enigma is not adding a very unique flavour, it’s good but nothing out of the ordinary. Surprisingly, for a hop with such a high alpha content, the bitterness is not nice and mild.

Overall the beer works well and is nicely balanced.

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